Tweens Read August Day 3: Mike Grosso & I am Drums

Tweens Read August is a 14 day event taking place for the first two weeks of August. I’ll be hosting authors, regardless of debut year, whose books I’m the most excited for. Each day, I’ll announce who the next author is at the end of the post. There’s also a giveaway going on, so be sure to check that out!

It’s the third day of Tweens Read August, and Mike Grosso is here to share a story prompt top ten! Mike is the author of I Am Drums, which I read an ARC of and LOVED.

Here’s a little bit about it:

I am drums by mike grosso

Release Date: September 6th, 2016

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Sam knows she wants to be a drummer. But she doesn’t know how to afford a drum kit, or why budget cuts end her school’s music program, or why her parents argue so much, or even how to explain her dream to other people.

But drums sound all the time in Sam’s head, and she’d do just about anything to play them out loud—even lie to her family if she has to. Will the cost of chasing her dream be too high?

Description taken from Goodreads.


Top Ten Story Prompts

1. Describe the type of restaurant you’d open on the moon.

2. Write a story about an imaginary person with your name who’s the opposite of you in every way.

3. Write a scene where Rock Em Sock Em Robots attempt to work together to accomplish a simple task (sweeping the floor, laundry, taking out the garbage, etc.).

4. Stand on your head next to a laptop and type out a story with your feet. If you are a fan of writing longhand (or is that longfeet?), swap out the laptop for a pad of paper and wedge a pen between your toes.

5. Explore your house and find three interesting objects. Write about a character that uses those objects to escape a fortress.

6. Write a scene featuring two characters you’d never expect to get along but are somehow best friends.

7. Imagine someone who’d be terrible at fighting dragons. Write a story where they fight a dragon AND WIN. (NOTE: Feel free to swap dragons for another difficult obstacle. The key here is that your main character is expected to lose.)

8. Make a horrifying face long enough to find out if it can actually “freeze that way”. Write about the character whose face you’ve made.

9. Draw a picture with your eyes closed. It can be either a person or a scene. Open your eyes and write a story to accompany your (likely odd) drawing.

10. Write about a person who gets something very odd in the mail.

About the Author

mike grosso
Mike Grosso is a musician and a fourth-grade teacher who always keeps a guitar in his classroom. His father gave him his first lesson, and his mom taught him how to keep a steady rhythm. Mike continues to write and record music at his home in Oak Park, Illinois, where he lives with his wife, son, and a drum set he plays much too loud. I AM DRUMS is his first novel.


Thanks to Mike for being a part of Tweens Read August and coming up with this great list! Enter the giveaway above to enter the ARC edition of the HMH version of I Am Drums, and be sure to add I Am Drums to Goodreads and pick it up when it hits shelves on September 6th, 2016. The author being featured tomorrow is Claire Fayers!


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