ARC Review: Finders Reapers by Anna Staniszewski

finders reapers by anna staniszewski

Marcus is a Cupid. Lena is a Reaper. Opposites attract in book 2 of the adorkable Switched At First Kiss series by the acclaimed author of The Dirt Diary.

Lena’s not ready for any more supernatural surprises. Her new boyfriend, Marcus, is a cupid. She’s a soul collector (“reaper” just sound so harsh). And they just got their powers un-swapped. But things aren’t as back to “normal” as they seem…

On his next assignment, Marcus’s “love boost” is a little too powerful. (Baby talk is so annoying.) And Lena’s soul sort of…escapes. The cause? Lena and Marcus’s powers are still intertwined! Their emotions are affecting each other’s power. So, basically the fate of the world depends on them getting along in their brand new romance. (Okay, just love and death, but still.)

No pressure, right?

Description taken from Goodreads. I received an advance copy of this book, to be published March 1, 2016 via the publisher in exchange for an honest review. These opinions are my own.

While the first book in this series was charming as well, I thought this one was even more so. I really got to know Marcus and Lena as people and not just as this soul and this reaper who go through a bunch of shenanigans when their powers get switched. Marcus shows off his gentlemanly side, and Lena seems much more mature than she was in the first book. They were both more real than they were in the first story.

However, they’re both refreshing, light reads that are really fun to read. In this one, Staniszewski does a great job of addressing the loose ends left by the first book. She also delves into a little bit of drama between returning characters. That wasn’t so much fun. It was a little tiring because it made the story seem petty. But all in all, pacing was great and I loved seeing Marcus and Lena’s world come back.

There are many different themes addressed in this book that are serious but taken in a lighthearted way, which makes them seem more like subplots and apart from the main story. I actually really enjoyed seeing it this way because it allowed the paranormal themes to take center stage.

A few notes:

  • At the end of the story, there are references to being gay. I’m With Cupid doesn’t involve this, but Finders Reapers does, so if you’re concerned about that as a parent or someone who might give this book to a kid, then you might want to read it first.
  • I really wished Marcus was the one on the cover this time instead of Lena. I felt like it would’ve looked nice on the shelf together.

Overall, different than I’m With Cupid, but still cute and worth a read. 3.5 stars.

Series: Switched At First Kiss #2


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