Review: Villainous by Matthew Cody

villainous by matthew cody

“A fantastic story, thrillingly told. This book has a superpower—you can’t put it down.” —Jonathan Stroud, author of the bestselling Bartimaeus Trilogy

The truth about the Super children—who have real powers like flight and super strength—is finally exposed, and the town of Noble’s Green has created a special boarding school for its superpowered children. That’s where all Daniel’s friends are headed, while he—regular kid that he is—is headed to summer school.

But all is not well at the Academy for the Extraordinarily Gifted. A clique of popular kids (led by a pair of sinister twins) has taken over the school, and once again, it’s powerless Daniel who may be able to stop them. To do so, he will have to turn to his sworn enemy, the Shroud, for help.

Description taken from Goodreads.

I think one of the elements I loved best in Matthew Cody’s SUPERS OF NOBLE’S GREEN series was that the stories really worked to describe Daniel’s dismay at not being a super, and him learning to deal with that.

In VILLAINOUS, Cody follows up on that idea as he ties up loose ends and brings up the finale of this trilogy, and readers won’t be disappointed. I felt like Daniel grew in this book more than in any of the other books. He came to really acknowledge his own talents, even if he’s not super, which was made even harder by the absence of his friends and his feelings for Mollie, who has powers.

The story was a little slower than the others, mostly because one of the main plot points was examining how censorship can completely change something, but there was still plenty of action. I probably wouldn’t have liked this book as much as the others without the plot twists. There are some great moves that made me sad that this was the last book.

All in all, I would recommend this series. There’s plenty of character development and a few serious questions that continue throughout the entire series, such as what makes a hero and if talent determines worth. Everyone has his or her own insecurities and strengths, and Cody portrays that very well. There’s nothing too dark, and the plot rolls out at just the right pace (especially in the first two books). This is one read I would recommend to anyone in the 4th grade and older. 3.5 stars.

pg count for the hardback: 320

Series: Supers of Noble’s Green


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