Lemony Snicket Personalizes “All the Wrong Questions” Series

lemony snicket put me in the story review

Book 1 of the 4-part series

About a year or so back, Paula Stokes published her novella INFINITE REPEAT, and due to a series of not-so-unfortunate events, I got the chance to design my own character within the novella.

I turned out to be a tattooed, Naruto-loving, Standford-bound drummer, but that’s another story.

Reading INFINITE REPEAT and designing my character is one of the highlights of my entire career as a blogger, and I know it’s something I’ll always remember. It’s more than just the giddiness of seeing a cameo of a character from the same world in another novel; it’s something else entirely, something that is personal and that you recognize.

That was the kind of feeling I got when I received a Put Me In The Story, ALL THE WRONG QUESTIONS version.

I’ve been a fan of Lemony Snicket ever since 1st or 2nd grade, so reading and seeing personalized versions of his books was amazing. I didn’t know how exactly his books would translate into Put Me In The Story Versions (mostly because ALL THE WRONG QUESTIONS is already  a developed series with deep characters), so one thing anyone wondering the same thing should know that the basic story is the same. Names and places have been changed (Pseudonymous Bosch, anyone?), but for the most part, the book is still intact, which I actually ended up being relieved about.

lemony snicket all the wrong questions put me in the story review

Book 2

Here’s a list of what changes, which I don’t take credit for:

  • Personalized covers with the reader’s name and initials cleverly integrated in the front and back cover art
  • Reader’s initial designed into the opening artwork page
  • Reader’s initial designed into the opening artwork page
  • Photo of the reader included on a character portrait page
  • Unique customized letters and interactive messages to the reader from Lemony Snicket
  • Two of the reader’s friends’ names incorporated in the letters and messages
  • Dedication page for the gift giver to write a personalized message to the reader

In essence, this gift is giving someone a literally personalized book, almost like having a book signed personally or getting an annotated text. It makes the story personal, and I really enjoyed finding the little snippets here and there that identify the book as mine.

One thing I wasn’t happy with was the missing dedication on one of the books, but out of the four I got that was the only one that was misprinted, so I was okay with writing it by hand instead.

Overall, I would recommend these books as great holiday gifts. Lemony Snicket’s stories are funny, charming and well-written, and it’s always a thrill to see books personalized or specifically for the person who is receiving them. 3.5 stars.

I received copies of these books via Put Me In the Story in exchange for honest reviews. This in no way affects my review. These opinions are my own. 


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