ARC Review: The Doublecross: And Other Skills I Learned as a Superspy by Jackson Pearce

the doublecross: and other skills I learned as a superspy by jackson pearce

Part Spy Kids and all fun, The Doublecross is the first in a fresh middle grade action-adventure series with a healthy dose of humor.

Everyone in twelve-year-old Hale’s family is a spy, going way back. They’ve all worked for the Sub Rosa Society, a top secret organization where new agents aren’t recruited; they’re born. His parents may be the ultimate spy team at SRS, but Hale isn’t a typical stealthy spy—he is, as his mother puts it “big-boned,” and as some classmates put it, “fat.” Still, he’s convinced he will someday be a great field agent. After all, it’s his legacy. But when both his mother and father go missing on a secret mission—likely captured by the SRS’s number one enemy—it’s Hale’s time to step up and (with a little help from his acrobat-cheerleader little sister) save the day.

With a hilarious and charismatic cast of characters, popular teen author Jackson Pearce makes a fantastic debut in the middle-grade arena.

Description taken from Goodreads.

There are YA authors that are better off staying in the YA arena and not venturing into middle-grade territory. Jackson Pearce is not one of them, because THE DOUBLECROSS is one of the funniest, cutest middle-grade books that I’ve read in… forever.

I admit, I am a cover junkie, and when I saw the cover of this book, I was a little skeptical–but it’s Jackson Pearce. So I read it, and I was sucked in immediately. There are so many cute little moments in this book that both make fun of “spy life” and openly embrace it. I really enjoyed a story where the parents being _fill in the blank here_ is a positive thing *cough* Spy Kids *cough*, and where the kid really had a genuine interest in what was going on.

In terms of middle-grade lit, things could be a lot worse: Jackson Pearce could still not be in the genre. Overall, I would say that pacing was definitely lacking, but the plot and the elements were there, so I’m excited to see where Pearce goes from here. Will be recommending this book to fans of Dan Gutman. 3.5 stars.

pg count for the hardback: 304


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