Review: Losers Take All by David Klass

losers take all by david klass

From the author of the backlist favorite You Don’t Know Me, a dramedy about the agony of victory and the thrill of defeat.

At Jack Logan’s sports-crazy New Jersey high school, the new rule is that all kids must play on a team. So Jack and a ragtag group of anti-athletic friends decide to get even. They are going to start a rebel JV soccer team whose mission is to avoid victory at any cost, setting out to secretly undermine the jock culture of the school. But as the team’s losing formula becomes increasingly successful at attracting fans and attention, Jack and his teammates are winning in ways they never expected—and don’t know how to handle.

Description taken from Goodreads. I received an advance copy of this book, to be published October 20th, 2015, in exchange for an honest review. These opinions are my own.

Never before have I read a book so clearly the YA age range, but not the YA genre. This is a perfect book for boys who don’t need super intense books in order to be interested in reading. It’s also a great sports pick. Sure, for the actual sport junkies, there’s always Mika Lupica, but with LOSERS TAKE ALL, Klass has written a book for everyone–the athletic and the non athletic and the just not interested.

Although this story is about high school seniors, it’s well written and void of crude language, though it portrayed the high school mindset really well. I did think a lot of things were a little unrealistic about this book. For one thing, Becca didn’t seem focused enough and didn’t do enough to get into Harvard. Often times, it was like that ideal slipped away, like it was just part of the background. I also didn’t think it was very likely that the football coach became principal and changed the rules so that all high school seniors have to participate in a sport.

I don’t know, that may very well be plausible, but to me that sounds like a middle-school student government election where the kids promise more recess that they can’t give, except the exact opposite.

Other than those nitpicky things, I ended up really enjoying LOSERS TAKE ALL. This story is a breath of fresh air, neither too overplayed nor too subtle. There were lots of details that made the world of the story more realistic to me, and I loved the character growth as well as the character relationships. Becca and Jack in particular were really fun to read about, though the supporting characters were some of my favorite aspects as well.

All in all, a fantastic story that I will be rereading and recommending. I didn’t expect to be so drawn into this book, but a combination of the writing and the characters make it something really worth reading. 4 stars.

pg count for the hardback: 320


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