Review: Scumble by Ingrid Law

scumble by ingrid law

Nine years after Mibs’s Savvy journey, her cousin Ledge has just turned thirteen . . . But Ledger Kale’s savvy is a total dud-all he does is make little things fall apart. So his parents decide it’s safe to head to Wyoming, where it’s soon revealed that Ledge’s savvy is much more powerful than anyone thought. Worse, his savvy disaster has an outside witness: Sarah Jane Cabot, reporter wannabe and daughter of the local banker. Just like that, Ledge’s beloved normal life is over. Now he has to keep Sarah from turning family secrets into headlines, stop her father from foreclosing on Uncle Autry’s ranch, and scumble his savvy into control so that, someday, he can go home.

Starring a cast both fresh and familiar, Scumble brilliantly melds Ingrid Law’s signature heart and humor with the legendary Wild West.

Description taken from Goodreads.

So, the question everyone has on their mind when initially hearing about this book: is it as good as SAVVY? The short answer, in my opinion, is no.

SAVVY has something about it that SCUMBLE just doesn’t. Maybe it’s Mibs herself, or the way that the whole idea of SAVVY was set up. I think that SAVVY also had more to offer, as the first book in the series and introducing all the ideas found in SCUMBLE.

I, for the most part, wouldn’t recommend SCUMBLE. SAVVY is perfect by itself. In fact, SCUMBLE is basically a completely different journey with similar themes but different plot and a lot slower pacing. However, there was one major aspect of SCUMBLE that I enjoyed and I think would be good for older readers of SAVVY to read, and that is Rocket’s story. In the end of SAVVY, we’re kind of left at the end of Mibs’ story, but Rocket’s just beginning. As one of my favorite characters of the book, I really wanted to see what would happen to him and how his power would affect him.

9 years later, and he’s still dealing with the aftereffects of his savvy and what it can do to people.

In that way, Rocket was really the huge selling point of this story for me. I feel like Law tied up the book pretty well, and I was satisfied with what ended up happening. As for the other characters, I enjoyed them but I felt like they were much more annoying or one-dimensional. If you enjoyed SAVVY and want to find out what happened with Rocket, I would recommend this book. If you’re fine with the ending of SAVVY, then I suggest just going for a reread. 2 stars.

pg count for the hardback: 400

Series: Savvy #2


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