Review: Pink & Green is the New Black by Lisa Greenwald

pink & green is the new black by lisa greenwald

Lucy Desberg is in eighth grade, and she’s determined to make this year perfect. Over the course of the year, though, her talents for makeup and problem-solving will be put to the test.On the outside, things couldn’t be better: her family’s spa is doing well, and she has a boyfriend, Yamir. But Yamir’s in high school now, and Lucy’s too embarrassed to admit that he hasn’t called her in weeks. To take her mind off him, she throws herself into planning the eighth-grade masquerade, using her makeup skills to rally her classmates. But as she soon learns, ignoring a problem does not make it go away. It’s destined to pop up at the worst possible time.Lucy’s resourcefulness will be put to the test as she grows up and starts making decisions about the type of person—and girlfriend and friend and daughter and sister—that she wants to be.

Description taken from Goodreads.

I was initially held back to read this book because of the cover, but I decided to do so anyway due to my love of the author and this series in general. It is a little clichéd in terms of the romance, but overall, I really enjoyed this book and it was a great addition to the series. Just for reference, this is the third book.

I think the writing and topic coverage in this story went really well. It is hard to read PINK AND GREEN IS THE NEW BLACK if you haven’t read the other books, but completely doable. Greenwald covers Lucy’s feelings well and in a way that middle school girls will be able to relate with completely.

My only issue with this book was how unrealistic it can be at times. I felt like it was fake almost during certain times, and a few plot points felt unrealistic. I don’t think it’s something that will bother the target audience of this book at all, and it will be really fun for fans of this author/series as well as girls who are in this age group. 3 stars.

pg count for the hardback: 272

Series: Pink and Green #3


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