Review: There Will be Bears by Ryan Gebhart

there will be bears by ryan gebhart

Tyson is determined to hunt an elk — even if it means sneaking his grandpa out of a nursing home — in a debut novel sparked with dry wit and wilderness adventure.

Thirteen-year-old Tyson loves hanging out with his roughneck Grandpa Gene, who’s a lot more fun than Tyson’s ex–best friend, Brighton. These days, Bright just wants to be seen with the cool jocks who make fun of Tyson’s Taylor Swift obsession and dorky ways. So when Grandpa Gene has to move to a nursing home that can manage his kidney disease, Tyson feels like he’s losing his only friend. Not only that, but Tyson was counting on Grandpa Gene to take him on his first big hunt. So in defiance of Mom and Dad’s strict orders, and despite reports of a scary, stalking, man-eating grizzly named Sandy, the two sneak off to the Grand Tetons. Yes, there will be action, like shooting and dressing a six-hundred-pound elk. Is Tyson tough enough? There will be heart-pounding suspense: is Grandpa Gene too sick to handle the hunt, miles away from help? And, oh yes, there will be bears. . . .

Description taken from Goodreads.

THERE WILL BE BEARS was a great read with the perfect amount of whimsicality to it so that it didn’t feel overdone. I really admired how special this book is in how unique it is, the concepts it talks about and the way it pulls it all off so neatly. I never felt overwhelmed by the whole hunting part of this book and I thought that there were many scenes that were actually really cool to read about. There are also many humorous scenes right from the very beginning of the story.

I loved the pace and the plot elements of this book a lot, but I think what I liked the most was the characters. This book is realistic and fun without dragging down the adults in THERE WILL BE BEARS like some books tend to do that are focused on kids. “Roughneck” Grandpa Gene is a truly awesome guy, and I don’t think this book will be hard to market to the target audience at all.

There were so many things that were spot on about THERE WILL BE BEARS, from the beginning to the length to the ending and the writing in between. I LOVED all the heartwarming and hilarious moments to this book, and I believe 10 to 12 year olds will love it as well. There are many concepts in this book that are hard hitting as well, and the hunting elements were all very interesting. This is definitely a book I would buy as a gift or even for myself :3.

Overall, THERE WILL BE BEARS was a fantastic story that I had a lot of fun with and that I would recommend to anyone looking for a great nature read that’s interesting, doesn’t have too many intense moments and very unique and entertaining. This was an awesome debut from Ryan Gebhart, and I look forward to reading what he comes out with in the future. 4.5 stars.

pg count for the hardback: 224


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