Three Bird Summer by Sara St. Antoine: A Fun and Nostalgic Treasure Hunt Story

Every year since he can remember, Adam has spent his summers at his grandmother’s rustic cabin on Three Bird Lake. But this year is different. Dad won’t be with them, and there’s a new girl next door. Alice looks just like the aloof popular girls back home. But she’s nice and easy to talk to, and she doesn’t mind acting silly or being quiet and dock sitting. And when Adam’s grandma starts to leave strange notes in his room — notes that hint at a hidden treasure somewhere at the lake and a secret love from long ago — Alice is the one person Adam can rely on to help find answers.

Description taken from Goodreads.
Honestly, I thought that this book was a really fun, charming little contemporary story that will be fun for any and all middle grade readers out on a cabin or on a lake. Personally, this book really brought me back to my memories of the lake house that my family used to spend our first week of August at. We would go on paddle boats, row boats, Waverunners and a huge speedboat. It was a ton of fun, cliff jumping, going across the lake for breakfast, playing with the neighbor’s kids, swimming, catching fish, climbing up streams, playing tennis and exploring. It was awesome to go back to those memories and I loved seeing the relationship between Adam and Alice grow as Adam began to heal.

Over the course of the treasure hunt and the mystery I really enjoyed this book. I thought that Sara really did a good job of accurately portraying Adam and Alice’s feelings and everything that came with their journey. I did feel that this story could be tightened a little bit more–you don’t really get to the beginning of the climax until you’re well into the beginning of THREE BIRD SUMMER, but I did really like this story anyway. 3.5 stars.

pg count for the hardback: 256


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