Pi in the Sky by Wendy Mass: Whimsical and Silly, But Still Entertaining and Endearing

Joss is the seventh son of the Supreme Overlord of the Universe. His older brothers help his dad rule the cosmos, but all Joss gets to do is deliver pies. That’s right: pies. Of course, these pies actually hold the secrets of the universe between their buttery crusts, but they’re still pies.
Joss is happy to let his older brothers shine. He has plenty to keep his hands full: attempting to improve his bowling score; listening to his best friend, Kal, try (and fail) to play the drums; and exploring his ever-changing home, The Realms. But when Earth suddenly disappears, Joss is tasked with the seemingly impossible job of bringing it back. With the help of Annika, an outspoken girl from Earth, he embarks on the adventure of a lifetime…and learns that the universe is an even stranger place than he’d imagined.

Description taken from Goodreads.

PI IN THE SKY definitely was and wasn’t what I had thought it would be. There definitely was a lot more science and real space to it than I had originally thought, but Wendy Mass’s voice was still there. There were lots of great themes with quirky characters who weren’t too out of the box and a small romantic plot that was a secondary thing but still very real. There’s also lots about finding yourself and FOOD. FOOD.

I love food.

From the very beginning, I loved the idea of another Wendy Mass book–this one about the seventh son of a family stuck in space who has weird hair and delivers pies. You will definitely want food (bagels) as you eat this and plenty of pie. I loved the silly, whimsical tone to this book and while it got tiring at times, Mass’s voice was enough to make me want to keep going as well as how much I came to care about the characters. Overall, I don’t think that I really expected PI IN THE SKY and a lot of the things I found, but I loved the plot line and ideas and while it got slow or too silly for me at times, I still was very much entertained by it. 3 stars.

Oh yes, and I had tried bagels, cream cheese and red hots before this book and they ARE SO GOOD. You will want some when you read it.

pg count for the hardback: 244


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