Double Dog Dare by Lisa Graff: A Fun, Dare-War Read for the Younger Middle-Grade Age

What would you do to win a dare war?

Would you lick a lizard?

Wear a tutu to school?

Dye your hair green?

At his old school, Kansas Bloom was the King of Dares. So when, during his first week at Auden Elementary, he’s thrust into a dare war to see who will be the future news anchor of the fourth-grade Media Club, Kansas thinks winning will be a piece of cake.

Francine Halata has been dying for the news anchor job forever. So even if it means making a fool of herself in front of the entire school, she vows to take Kansas, dare for dare.

In a battle of wits and willpower, Francine and Kansas become fast enemies… until they discover that they have something in common. And somehow, one little fact changes everything.

Blurb obtained from Goodreads.

For dares, my friends and I have–in the past–done everything from dying our eyebrows green to writing words in permanent marker on our foreheads to seeing who could eat the biggest sea flea.

It’s fun. Truth or dare, I dare you, Truth or Truth, Dare or Dare, they’re all games I played growing up. And even still play sometimes now… And what’s funny is that today, I stumbled upon this website: I Dare You to Accept This Challenge. It doesn’t look, like the authors have been on in a while, but I thought it was a pretty cool idea for a blog.

This was a great book that I found really fun to read. I really liked the way the story switched between Kansas’s narration and Francine’s and I was expecting much, but I found the plot to be overall very enjoyable. I think this book really teaches a lot of good lessons and has a cast of generally complex characters that I loved reading about. This book was very fast and I really appreciated the ending.

This book was found through some younger friends of mine and they loved it! This is a great book for younger middle-grade readers. 3.5 stars.

pg count for the hardback: 290



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