Gaby, Lost and Found by Angela Cervantes: Sad, Sweet and Great for Animal Lovers

Wanted: One amazing forever home for one amazing sixth grader.

“My name is Gaby, and I’m looking for a home where I can invite my best friend over and have a warm breakfast a couple of times a week. Having the newest cell phone or fancy clothes isn’t important, but I’d like to have a cat that I can talk to when I’m home alone.”

Gaby Ramirez Howard loves volunteering at the local animal shelter. She plays with the kittens, helps to obedience train the dogs, and writes adoption advertisements so that the strays who live there can find their forever homes: places where they’ll be loved and cared for, no matter what.

Gaby has been feeling like a bit of a stray herself, lately. Her mother has recently been deported to Honduras and Gaby is stuck living with her inattentive dad. She’s confident that her mom will come home soon so that they can adopt Gaby’s favorite shelter cat together. When the cat’s original owners turn up at the shelter, however, Gaby worries that her plans for the perfect family are about to fall apart.

Description taken from Goodreads.

I thought this book was realistic, fun and sad at the same time. I thought Gaby’s POV brought a lighter air to the book, but gave a deeper depth of understanding for the kind of situation Gaby was going through. Once again, I’m amazed at what a kid can hide.

I liked how, even though Gaby was going through some hard times with her family, she still had a strong support group. Enrique, Alma and Marcos were all especially great. I liked how they, especially Alma, were great friends and how that made the ending more dramatic.

Cervantes does a great job demonstrating her love for animals and how that was displayed by Gaby was interesting to me. I can’t say that Gaby was my favorite character, considering the fact that she makes some impulsive decisions and the drama she goes through is most self-inflicted. I do admit that there are some parts to Alma that didn’t make things better because of how she pushed certain topics that Gaby had already made up her mind about and was already worrying about, but still–I think Gaby was a little rash when it comes to some choices.

Gaby grows a lot through the course of this story and I loved the way that Feather was a huge part of her life and the way things turned out. I would like to see more of her later on, maybe in another one of Cervantes’s later books like Sarah Dessen does.

Nevertheless, everything turned out okay and all in all, I think this is a great book for kids that love animals. I’m interested to see how Cervantes’s writing will progress from here. Hopefully it will turn out like STAR IN THE FOREST or DREAM OF NIGHT. 4 stars.

pg count for the hardback: 224


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