Worse Things Happen At Sea by Alan Snow: A Tale of Pirates, Poison and Monsters

The residents of Ratbridge are in luck – a new doctor has arrived, promising a medicine that cures all ails. And, the best part – he’s giving it away for free! But when a shortage strikes, Arthur and his friends on the Nautical Laundry must take action and set sail. However, they soon discover all is not what it seems… and soon the ship is under attack. Can young Arthur and his Ratbridge friends triumph and return with the cure for the town’s ills?

So. The thing is, this is a sequel. And I didn’t know that. And for the life of me, I cannot find anywhere on this book that says that this is a sequel–except on the back, where Alan Snow’s about information is.

Yeah… might want to have mentioned that a little bit sooner.

This is a sequel to the book HERE BE MONSTERS, also by Alan Snow. And because I had no idea of that fact, I found it really hard to understand this book. Don’t get me wrong, you can still enjoy this book if you haven’t read the first book, but you will definitely have a better experience if you read the first book first.

Part of it’s not the format, either. Snow writes as if everyone has read his first book, and therefore does not need to–as an author–include world-building, character descriptions and the like. One of the reasons why I love James Patterson is because he does it all over again in every single book. Makes sure you understand what the situation is, who the people are, what has just happened and the world that the characters live in.

Ugh. I’m messed up right now because all of the mental notes I took as I read this story so I could review it are either irrelevant or inaccurate because of the fact that this is a second book…

Just saying, you should probably read the first book to this series if you want to read it, but I would much rather recommend Retribution Falls, which is about sky pirates and is a book I actually liked a lot. 2 stars for this book. I’m going to go read the first one…

pg count for the hardback: 332


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