The Death Catchers by Jennifer Anne Kogler

On her fourteenth Halloween, Lizzy Mortimer sees her first death-specter.

Confused at first, Lizzy soon learns from her grandmother Bizzy that as Death Catchers, they must prevent fate from taking its course when an unjust death is planned-a mission that has been passed down from their ancestor, Morgan le Fay. Only, Lizzy doesn’t expect one of her first cases to land her in the middle of a feud older than time between Morgan le Fay and her sister Vivienne le Mort. Vivienne hopes to hasten the end of the world by preventing Lizzy from saving King Arthur’s last descendant-humanity’s greatest hope for survival. It’s up to Lizzy, as Morgan’s earthly advocate, to outwit fate before it’s too late.

This was a really fun book. I loved the way that Jennifer Anne Kogler put Bizzy as one of the main characters in this story. Some authors wouldn’t have been able to it. They would’ve made Bizzy look like a fool and completely ruin this opportunity. But no. Jennifer Anne Kogler did it. She placed Bizzy so well in this story I almost have to laugh just thinking about it. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to do it without a lot of difficulty. If you’re thinking this book won’t be fun because Bizzy’s at a grandma’s age, then just think of Betty White’s Grandma Norma in THE LORAX.

This was a really fun story. As some of you may know, my English class last school year really consisted of learning about Shakespeare and King Arthur. I even ended up going to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival 2013 in Ashland, Oregon. You don’t need to know a lot about King Arthur to understand the references in this book, but in order to fully enjoy this book you need to know the story behind King Arthur and the legends surrounding him.

I must say, Jennifer Anne Kogler, either you’re really good at doing your research, or you just know an awful lot about Arthurian legend.

You know, I didn’t think I would like Lizzy. In the synopsis, she just kind of annoyed me. But I actually turned out to really like her character. I thought she was a good narrator and her POV was fun to read. As for Drake, I can’t say that his character wasn’t a little…hmm. Let’s see. What’s the word for this? Predictable? Nah. Boring? Eh. He was cool enough. Dull? He wasn’t a bad character. He actually felt like a real guy. Ah! I got it! Unoriginal. He was unoriginal. Just his character and the person that he was; I’ve seen it before many times. Oh, and Lizzy’s reactions to Drake’s character? Unoriginal as well.

Don’t get me wrong. I was impressed by this book. It was well-written, well-paced and the plot was interesting. The end was satisfying. The characters were somewhat predictable, but not bad.

The only major problem I had with this story was format. I’m not big on second-person narratives. (Geez. Even just writing second-person makes me feel dumb. Is that really how you say it?….yes, it is.) I mean–I liked STOLEN by Lucy Christopher, and I thought Nancy Werlin’s The Rules of Survival was formatted in a cool way, but something about this book stuck out to me. It wasn’t even like Beverly Cleary’s DEAR MR. HENSHAW.

So, I would be lying if I said that the format didn’t annoy and distract me over the course of the story. Maybe I just don’t read enough second-person (I AM NOT CALLING IT THAT ANYMORE) S-P for it to seem normal, but it bothered me. 4 stars.

pg count for the hardback: 352S


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