The Search for WondLa by Tony DiTerlizzi

Eva Nine is a curious and sensitive twelve-year-old who has existed only in a subterranean home called Sanctuary, cared for by a robot named Muthr. Eva’s great desire is to go aboveground, and her wish comes true, though not as she had imagined. On the surface, Eva goes in search of other humans–she has never met one–and soon meets both friend and foe.

The Spiderwick Chronicles messed me up.

I actually don’t know why I was so scared of the movie when I watched it, but I was. I mean–I’ve seen much scarier movies, even before I watched the Spiderwick Chronicles. I guess it didn’t help that about a week after, just as I was getting over my fear, one of my relatives decided taking a weed whacker and take out all the grass as a two-inch wide border around our lawn was a great idea. Yeah. Great. Especially because I was the one taking the dog out three times a day to go to the bathroom. Imagine it like this, except around the entire lawn, and deeper, with taller grass:

Rubberific Landscape Border

Every time I stepped into the lawn, I imagined a border separating me from those nasty little troll-hobgoblin whatevers.

So I was a little wary of Tony DiTerlizzi’s imagination and artwork, beautiful as it is, before I even read the synopsis of The Search for WondLa. But then, when I read the synopsis, instead of being like this:



My reaction was more like:


eh hinata

And I assured myself that this book would not be like the Spiderwick Chronicles, even if they did end up making a movie.

This book does share some resemblance to the Spiderwick Chronicles though. It has an amazing, well-drawn out world that I was sucked into and loved reading about. The characters were well-made and had depth to their personality.

I thought that Eva Nine and Muther were my favorite characters. In the beginning of the story, it took me a little bit of time to get used to Tony DiTerlizzi’s writing voice, but I got over it pretty quickly. As for the plot and pacing, I thought they were completely original and well done. Not to mention the cliffhanger at the end that left me waiting for the second book. This book is about friendship, caring, survival and adventure. I was very impressed and cannot wait for the third book to come out! Great for middle-grade readers.

pg count for the hardback: 484

Series: WondLa


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