Independence Hall by Roland Smith: The U.S. Secret Service, the Mossad and M15 All in One

Fame has arrived for rockers Blaze and Roger! Just married, leaving Los Angeles, and touring the United States with teenagers Q (Quest) and Angela in tow, the excitement heightens in Philadelphia when Angela realizes she’s being followed. Q soon learns the secret about Angela’s real mother – a former Secret Service agent.

Readers are thrust into current issues affecting the world in this edge-of- your-seat, modern-day mystery adventure. I, Q readers will be immersed in the work of U.S. Secret Service. But who are the good guys and who are the bad guys? What happens to this newly formed family if Angela’s mom is not dead?

To be blunt, I loved this book. It was realistic, well-written and interesting. Blaze, Roger, Angela, Boone, Evan and Q were all awesome characters. As for the series as a whole, the series only gets better. I think the second book is my favorite right now.

There’s lots of mystery, action and a thriller-like feel to this book. I think this is a great book for tweens, an awesome introduction to spies–girls and boys, even though I think when Roland Smith wrote this book he directed it to the guy spectrum of things. Q is a great narrator, and I loved his voice as a character as both he and Angela grow. They’re not like Michael Scott’s characters Josh and his sister in The Alchemyst, where they magically go in and out of being really kick-butt characters to normal kids. When Q and Angela are fighting or trying to cope with the situations they’re in, they grow as characters but you can still see the defining qualities in them.

This is definitely an impressive book from Roland Smith. 4.5 stars.

pg count for the paperback: 293

Series: I, Q


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