RealityLapse: Your Escape For Today

I actually thought about creating a book blog for a really long time, and I finally did it. I have two, now. But this one didn’t come first. My first is one called Rea1ityLapse,, and it’s my main book blog. Most of the books I blog about and all my original writing is on there.

Don’t worry, this book blog is still as much mine as Rea1ityLapse is. It’s just that Rea1ityLapse has a wider variety of books, the posts are more detailed and there are writing tips. This blog is more focused on getting books out there for middle schoolers that they’ll enjoy. So, I invite you guys to check out my other blog if you’re looking for a book for yourself or just want to go over there and browse. I hope Rea1ity Lapse can be of use to you guys! Thanks!


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