May Bird and the Ever After by Jodi Lynn Anderson

Most people aren’t very comfortable in the woods, but the woods of Briery Swamp fit May Bird like a fuzzy mitten. There, she is safe from school and the taunts and teases of kids who don’t understand her. Hidden in the trees, May is a warrior princess, and her cat, Somber Kitty, is her brave guardian.

Then May falls into the lake.

When she crawls out, May finds herself in a world that most certainly does not feel like a fuzzy mitten. In fact it is a place few living people have ever seen. Here, towns glow blue beneath zipping stars and the people —people? — walk through walls. Here the Book of the Dead holds the answers to everything in the universe. And here, if May is discovered, the horrifyingly evil Bo Cleevil will turn her into nothing.

May Bird must get out.


When I was in fifth grade, I picked this book up because I was bored, and I most certainly did not want to get sucked into it. But I did, and I loved this book!

This story tells a wonderful tale of friendship, self-discovery and adventure that I really liked the writing style of. It was thrilling and creepy at the same time, with all sorts of dark creatures, ghosts and ghouls. I would caution anyone who wants to read this. You might want to wait until sixth or seventh grade if you’re not sure about this book, because there are some seriously creepy parts to this book. Nevertheless, this is still an excellent story that has a nice ending. I continued on with the series, and believe me, Jodi Lynn Anderson comes out with a better ending than the ending of this first book.

The change in May Bird throughout this series is astounding, beautifully written and is a remarkable transformation in and of itself. I think my favorite transformation is still in Hayao Miyazaki’s Chihiro, but still, May Bird has a tremendous amount of growth in this trilogy that I really enjoyed seeing. A great series.

pg count for the paperback: 352

Series: May Bird


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